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WealthTracker Pro – Simply put, WealthTracker Pro is the best source for wealth and corporate data on the planet.  WealthTracker Pro identifies and profiles high net worth donors and your Rising Stars (leadership donors in the 5K-50K range).  We update liquidity events, career changes, promotions, M&A for both public and private companies and VC funding in real time along with the best relationship mapping in the space via our cloud platform.


The delta between annual fund and major gifts has often been insurmountable…. Not anymore!   With our platform, you can quickly sort alumni and donors based on geo-location, titles, salary, net worth along with people of influence in their network.


BRD offers real-time monitoring, identifying and harvesting of high-propensity wealth events and how they directly impact donors in a predictive, prescriptive and personalized way, enabling clients with AI powered solutions including data products and app based insights to track money flow.

“WealthTracker Pro is a game changer for us. Using the platform, we quickly uncover wealth opportunities and the relationship mapping shows us our path of least resistance. Well done BRD!” - John Yetman, Co-Founder, The Association for Enterprise Growth (AEG) /

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