Who we are/

BlueRidge Data (BRD) is a boutique data technology firm that provides the best in wealth data along with proprietary technology to help fundraisers identify major donors and rising stars.  We believe the key to your fundraising success is data clarity. BRD uses asset based information and AI to help you make informed decisions.  Our platform provides access to 80 million corporate records with up to 150 data characteristics per record which can be distilled to preference.


Our firm does things differently.  We know that one of the greatest challenges facing a fundraiser is the quality of data.  We aren’t a data commodity broker like many of the wealth screening firms in the space.   Distilled data, at its essence, is an approach that takes the most crucial elements of any data set and provides what is needed to make decisions.  Too much data encumbers the decision making process, while data distilled by BRD empowers fundraisers to do what they do best, engage donors.


In addition to wealth, BRD provides the best in career tracking for Career Development offices.  With access to the most comprehensive corporate data available, we assist universities who want increase their knowledge rate for outcomes reporting.   Whether it’s a 6 month out survey for NACE reporting or 3, 5 or 10 year search, BRD can assist you.


BlueRidge Data was founded by Stephen Hafner, the former CEO and Founder of HEPdata, along with a talented cadre of industry veterans.

Our values/


Meaningful relationships.


Data driven decisions.


Mission success.

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